Management of Fecal Incontinence

This book presents state of the art knowledge regarding the pathophysiology and diagnosis of fecal incontinence and describes and illustrates all relevant treatment techniques. In addition to the approaches that have been the mainstay of treatment of fecal incontinence to date, it covers recent innovations and emerging options, including neurostimulation, pioneering techniques exploiting the potential of stem cells, biofeedback training, reconstructive surgery, and advances in biomedical engineering applicable to replacement surgery. Fecal incontinence is a common, socially debilitating disorder of multifactorial etiology that poses many management challenges. This book will assist all relevant medical specialists, including surgeons, neurologists, gastroenterologists, urogynecologists, and other clinicians, in achieving correct and timely diagnosis and delivering effective therapy that reflects the ongoing revolution in treatment.

Editors: Mongardini Massimo, Giofrè Manuel (Eds.) - ISBN: 978-3-319-32226-1

  • Describes current treatment techniques
  • Discusses a range of innovative emerging management options
  • Includes step-by-step tutorials, up-to-date guidelines, and numerous color illustrations